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Current Groups

Research Group The Security and Networks Research Group

Current Students

Research Website Ammaarah Desai Categorising and Comparing the Features of Functional Languages
Research Website Matthew Pitcairn Life Histories of Words: Tracking the Rise and Fall of SA English Words
Research Website Ryan McDonald Database design and implementation for the Centre for Biological Control
Research Website Carlton Mpofu Exploring GPU Programming In Java
Research Website Matthew Lewis Configuring a Single-board Parallella Cluster For Parallel Execution of Benchmarks
Research Website Lubabalo Buwa An application to support end-users of Wi-Fi hotspots in the township of Makhanda
Research Website Gibson Muriithi An application to support field technicians in the maintenance of Wi-Fi hotspots in the township of Makhanda
Research Website Nick McMichael Core sample analysis with machine learning to create a predictive model for mining
Research Website Thulani Tshabalala Determining variants of P450 enzyme in different population groups and User interface to display the results
Research Website Ipfi Lidzhade Deep handwriting recognition on robust data

Previous Students

Research Website Daniel De La Harpe The Raspberry PI: a cost-effective computer laboratory solution
Research Website Matthew Doherty Network Intrusion Detection System
Research Website Michael Du Plessis Application Specific Compression Algorithms
Research Website Dane Horn A Practical Comparison of Express, Ruby on Rails,Laravel and Suave.io as Back Ends for Modern Web
Research Website Stephen Hunt Acceleration of Cooperative Co-evolution through the use of GPU Parallelisation
Research Website Corbyn Langley Development of a Music Visualization System
Research Website Emillio Marambo Repackaging a Bioinformatics Web Service
Research Website Natsai Masamvu A Cognitive Approach to Simulating Human Behaviour within a Virtual Ecosystem for Business Modelling
Research Website Sive Mgudlwa Real-Time Handwriting Conversion
Research Website Spha Mjoli An Integrated IoT based Mobile Device Controlled Smart Locking Platform for Bicycles
Research Website Proficient Mkansi FACIAL RECOGNITION
Research Website Louise Poole Image Processing Based Identification of Rot and Diseases in Plants
Research Website Martin Simango Positioning System for an Autonomous Robot
Research Website Sihle Socishe Localised WebRTC based communication suite for deployment in “Broadband Island”
Research Website Ben Sturgeon Developing an RNG for low entropy circumstances
Research Website Ella Wilby F# Compiler Improvement
Research Website Roderich Zipp
Research Website Nicholas Moorcroft
Research Website Jason Spencer
Research Website Vongai Chindeka
Research Website Lewis Dwyer
Research Website Dean Fouche
Research Website Hilton Gallagher
Research Website Neo Ledwaba
Research Website Gregory Lewis
Research Website Cynthia Mahofa
Research Website Geraud Nangue Tasse
Research Website Mixo Ndleve
Research Website Mbalentle Ntlahla
Research Website Daniel Schormann
Research Website Matthew Towers
Research Website Ella Wilby
Research Website Jose Sirba
Research Website Miles Ellery Object detection and recognition on WifiBot using Support Vector Machines
Research Website Yonela Pipile A mobile application to support land allocation in rural areas under traditional leadership
Research Website Christopher Albers Waterfall Image Projection
Research Website Marq Botha The Parsing and Construction of a SMPTE-Compliant Bitstream
Research Website Brandon Haschick The Development of a Quasi Real-Time Water Pollutant Detection System for the Internet of Things (IoT)
Research Website Damon Hook An Evalauation of Forest Fire Simulation Models Within a Real-time Context
Research Website Kefentse Mfoloe Mobile device control over immersive sound and lighting in a night club context
Research Website Shailin Naidoo Steganography: a Theoretical and Practical Evaluation
Research Website Matthew Roche Implementing Visualization in a Web Interface for the MD-TASK Software Suite
Research Website Jose Sirba
Research Website Richard Slater Identification of Bats Using Sound
Research Website William Smale Three-dimensional position calculation using Stereo Vision
Research Website Kennedy Mumera
Research Website Joshua Van Staden Predicting the RIME from any Arbitrary Function
Research Website Rosemary Chikata
Research Website Tapiwa Chindeka Routing and delivery of messages to users within TeleWeaver
Research Website Kaitlin Cunningham Towards building an online commenting application that is difficult to abuse
Research Website Nathan De Jager Expanding GO-fuzz
Research Website Robin Sean Devonport Analysis of Sound Immersion Techniques
Research Website Greg Farquhar
Research Website Graeme Faul Solving jigsaw puzzles with various image processing techniques using CUDA accelerated opencv GPU library
Research Website Katherine James Developing an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of autonomous collision avoidance
Research Website Tomas Knoetze Development of a Hybrid GPS and WIFI Based Positioning and Augmented Reality Mobile Application
Research Website Greg Linklater Multi-stage security for physical access control
Research Website Kyle Marais Gesture Controlled Immersive Audio for the Oculus Rift Head-Mounted Display
Research Website Unarine Nkhumeleni Source code management using IDE extensibility
Research Website Tanaka Nyakonda RFIDs for livestock control
Research Website Nicholas Parmee Mobile Lighting Control
Research Website Deon Pearson Lobster Trap: A flexible and full featured HTTP honeypot
Research Website Antonio Peters Creating and Optimizing a Sky Tessellation Algorithm for the SKA
Research Website Paul Sebeikin Low cost visual sensor network using a resource limited Raspberry PI micro-controller
Research Website Richard Slater
Research Website Dylan Smith Interprocess Communication with Java in a Microsoft Windows Environment – Heading towards a Generic IPC Design
Research Website Adam Swart Scalable Parallel Deep Learning for Image Classification
Research Website Kieran Bester Data processing pipelines for radio interferometry
Research Website Gareth Dwyer Building a corpus of South African English
Research Website Kieran Hunt Investigating the viability of a distributed file management system using Bittorrent Sync
Research Website Kyle Johnson An investigation into smart watch interfaces
Research Website Jessica Kent Investigation of digital mixing and panning algorithms
Research Website Motebang Lebusa Mobile visualization techniques for large datasets
Research Website Andrew L'Homme Use of MVC design patterns in creating a rapid development RIA framework
Research Website Matthew Marx Extension and customization of Maltego data-mining environment
Research Website Simon Naude Parallel execution of a decryption algorithm on a GPU
Research Website Maanda Raudzingana Automated knowledge engineering
Research Website Lauren Rudman Classification and attribution for reflected DOS and similar spoofed traffic
Research Website Tom Shone The evaluation of algorithms to be used in the identification of bats
Research Website Alex Triaca Mapping and exploration systems using a quadcopter
Research Website Ignus Van Zyl A flexible data processing and reporting engine for large datasets
Research Website David Yates A System for Characterising Internet Background Radiation
Research Website Mikha Zeffertt Benefits of contextualised learning in computer science
Research Website Brent Shaw Touch screen control for digital mixing consoles
Research Website David Kenyon eLearning: Lecture comprehension indication systems
Research Website Fortune Neluswi Gesture control of theatre lighting
Research Website Greg Pennefather Computer Simulations
Research Website Luke Darlow Bioinformatics
Research Website Oliver Boyers Automation and applied image recognition in quadcopters
Research Website Peter Wrench PHP Sandbox for dissection of web malcode and remote access trojans
Research Website Sean Pennefather An exploration of network flow processing
Honours Thesis Research Website Stephen Carse Veterinary diagnosis expert system for remote use
Research Website Laura Wentworth
Research Website Alan Herbert
Research Website Caroline Gurajena
Research Website Chikumbuto Gremu
Research Website Courage Radu
Research Website David Brown
Research Website David Wild
Research Website Dev Smith
Research Website Jessica Hutchinson
Research Website Luke Ross
Research Website Marilyn Bihina
Research Website Mark Voster
Research Website Matthew Funcke
Research Website Michael Anderson
Research Website Mitchell Hedges
Research Website Sarah Currie
SNRG Research Group Honours Thesis Research Website Email Bradley Cowie Analysis and Processing of Cryptographic Protocols
Research Website Email Shaun Egan
Honours Thesis Research Website Email Ghislain Fouodji Tasse Cognitive Approach to Robot Spatial Mapping
Honours Thesis Research Website Blake Friedman A Formalised Replication and Extension of Observed Trends in Spam Construction Techniques: A Case Study of Spam Evolution
Honours Thesis Research Website Takayedzwa Gavaza A qualitative and quantitative comparison of Google’s Android Toolkit against Sun’s Wireless Toolkit for location-based services
Research Website Email Koki Gojela
SNRG Research Group Research Website Email Samuel Hunter
Honours Thesis Research Website Email Samy Kabangu Benchmarking Databases
Research Website Email Joel Lontsi Sob
Research Website Email Joao Lourenco
Honours Thesis Research Website Email Leslie Luyt Autonomous Robotic Programming Framework
Research Website Email Mathe Maema
Research Website Email Brian Maunde
Research Website Email Sacha Miteche
Honours Thesis Research Website Email Bwini Mudimba 3D Logic Games and Tutorials for BingBee
SNRG Research Group Research Website Email Mungole Mukupa
Honours Thesis Research Website Email Ray Musvibe An Investigation into Gesture Recognition in BingBee using Neural Nets in MATLAB®
Honours Thesis Research Website Email Walter Muswera An Evaluation of Windows 7 Release Candidate
Honours Thesis Research Website Email Sinini Ncube Developing Map Reading Skills for BingBee using an XNA-based 3D game
Honours Thesis Research Website Email Shange-Ishiwa Ndakunda Implementing a Local Mobile Web Server Gateway
Research Website Email Moses Nkhumeleni
SNRG Research Group Honours Thesis Research Website Email Alastair Nottingham Developing a Transformation Pipeline Visualiser Using XNA and Windows Forms
Honours Thesis Research Website Email Fred Otten
Honours Thesis Research Website Email Curtis Sahd An Investigation into the Use of a Mobile Phone Platform as a Convergent Technology for Text Based Communication
SNRG Research Group Research Website Email Chris Schwagele
Research Website Email Ingrid Sieborger
Research Website Email Etienne Stalmans
Honours Thesis Research Website Email Waide Tristram HYDRA: A Python Extension for Parallelism
Research Website Email Erasmus Tyapa
SNRG Research Group Research Website Email Tim Whelan
Research Website Email Sascha Zeisberger
Research Website Bruce Alcock A Procedural, Minimal Input, Natural Terrain Plug-in for Blender
Honours Thesis Greg Atkinson An Investigation into Grid Computing
Research Website Richard Awusi An Evaluation of Microsoft Windows Vista
Honours Thesis Research Website Ross Berkland Text to Adventure Game: Automated Generation of Adventure Games Based on Fiction Text
Honours Thesis Research Website Donald Carr Adapting Reinforcement Learning to Tetris
Audio Engineering Research Group Honours Thesis Grant Carver Writing a Yamaha mLAN Bus Driver using the Microsoft Windows Driver Foundation
Research Website Christo Crampton A Comparative Analysis of the LAMP and ASP.NET Frameworks
Honours Thesis Research Website Andrew Cronwright Validation of Pseudo Random Number Generators through Graphical Analysis
Honours Thesis Research Website Ryan Davey A Qualitative Evaluation of Visual Localization and the Application to Robotics Using ARToolkit and the Lego(TM) NXT
Research Website David de Bruyn Infinite Deterministic Terrain Synthesis
Honours Thesis Research Website Benji Euvrard Printing HDR Images: A Strategy Using Multiple Transparencies
Research Website Kevin Glass Automating the Conversion of Natural Language Fiction to Multi-Modal 3D Animated Virtual Environments
Masters Thesis Research Website Email Mici Halse The Development and Evaluation of a Custom-built Synchronous Online Learning Environment for Tertiary Education in South Africa
Honours Thesis Research Website Douglas Hobson An Investigation into the ACM Programming Competition (The SA contest of the ICPC)
Honours Thesis Research Website Mike Horne Detecting Existence and Pose of Objects within a Single Captured Image
Honours Thesis Research Website Cathy Irwin The Development of a Fragment-Based Image Completion Plug-in for the GIMP
Research Website Simon Kerr Finger Based Tracking for Mobile Phones
Research Website Alexander Koller Java ME vs. Flash Lite: A Comparison of Mobile Phone Game Development
Honours Thesis Research Website Brendan Marlborough SIP / H.323 / AIX telephone customization
Honours Thesis Research Website Mat Marsh Implementing the "GrabCut" Segmentation Technique as a Plug-in for the GIMP
Honours Thesis Research Website Nhamo Mdzingwa Data Mining with Oracle 10g using Clustering and Classification Algorithms
Honours Thesis Research Website Shaun Miles Analysis and Modelling of the Windows mLAN Driver
Honours Thesis Research Website Jonathan Millin An Investigation into the Use of Intelligent Systems for Currency Trading Analysis
Honours Thesis Research Website Molupe Mothepu Database Query Optimization
Honours Thesis Research Website Tham Moyo The identification of mammalian species through the classification of hair patterns using image pattern recognition
Research Website Edison Mukadah Mobile Interface Design and Predictive Algorithm for Improved Text Entry
Research Website Kevin Mullane Procedural modelling of cities implemented as a Blender plug-in.
Honours Thesis Research Website Shange-Ishiwa Ndakunda Implementing a Local Mobile Web Server Gateway
Research Website R Ngandu Re-establishing and improving the experimental VoIP link with the University of Namibia: A Case Study
Honours Thesis Research Website Alastair Nottingham Developing a Transformation Pipeline Visualiser Using XNA and Windows Forms
Research Website Okelitsi Nyathi An investigation into the security features offered by Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition
Honours Thesis Research Website Nicholas Pilkington An Investigation into General Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU)
Research Website Flora Ponjou Tassé Crowd Simulation of Pedestrians in a Virtual City
Honours Thesis Research Website Georg-Christian Pranschke Automated Firewall Rule Set Generation Through Passive Traffic Inspection
Honours Thesis Research Website Judith Radloff Obtaining the Bidirectional Texture Reflectance of Real-World Surfaces by means of a Kaleidoscope
Honours Thesis Research Website Kim Randleff-Rasmussen Forest Growth Simulation Using L-Systems
Research Website John Richter Evolution and Learning of Cooperation in a Competitive Environment
Honours Thesis Research Website Steve Robertson Using Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning to Balance Conflicting Sub-Problems
Honours Thesis Research Website David Rowe Analysis of SQL injection prevention using a filtering proxy server
Honours Thesis Research Website Matthew Royle High Level OpenCL Implementation for Multi-core CPUs
Honours Thesis Research Website Taurai Saurombe Development of a BingBee Phone Network
Honours Thesis Research Website Constance Sibanda The OLPC XO, Intel Classmate PC and Asus Eee PC user study
Honours Thesis Research Website Phathi Sibanda Database Evaluation
Honours Thesis Research Website Mark Swaine Multimodal Human Robot Interaction
Honours Thesis Research Website Paul Tarwireyi A Comparative Evaluation and Investigation of MS SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 9i with respect to Integrity and SQL 2003 Standards
Honours Thesis Research Website Stuart Thackray A comparative study of the network traffic generated from Traditional Internet Applications versus Rich Internet Applications
Honours Thesis Research Website Douglas Trewartha Investigating data Mining in MATLAB
Honours Thesis Research Website Matthew van Cittert Redesigning the IDE
Honours Thesis Research Website Dylan van der Merwe Interpretation and Visualization of C/C++ Data Structures
Honours Thesis Research Website J-P Van Riel Multi-dimensional Visualization for the Analysis of Internet Traffic and the Identification of Intrusive Activity
Honours Thesis Research Website Dirk van Schalkwyk A comparative study of Java Micro Edition and Flash Lite for mobile data services
Honours Thesis Research Website Daniel Wells IEEE 802.11 Signal Source Mapping using Low Cost Spectrum Analysers
Honours Thesis Research Website Glenn Wilkinson An Investigation into Network Emulation and the Development of a Custom Network
Honours Thesis Research Website Rouan Wilsenach Developing an Online Learning Environment to Support Previously Disadvantaged Schools in South Africa
Honours Thesis Research Website Justin Zondagh Cross-protocol re-routing of real-time communication sessions